Why Tonight is the Most Important Full Moon of This Year

Every phase of the moon cycle offers a different powerful energy for you to work with. Following the moon phases can bring you into better alignment with the universal power. It will make your life better and your challenges easier. It will help you identify and remove obstacles, and it will make it easier to see opportunities and manifest faster what you truly want.

The April new moon asked you to review what is not working in your life and start working towards what you want. The energy of any new moon is ideal for stating the manifestation process by planting the ‘seeds.’ Three weeks after, the goal of the full moon is to deliver the ‘harvest’ to you. This April 29-30 full moon will bring you what you worked for, while also incorporating important lessons and providing powerful energies for you to work with.

The Meaning of The Pink Full Moon

The pink full moon happens every April, and it was named by the Native Americans to represent the beautiful and hopeful color of the blooming trees and plants—particularly phlox flowers.
The moon will have an effect whether you physically see it or not. You would like to view the pink moon, this year it will peak at 8:58 p.m. EDT. It will start to be visible at different times depending on location, which can be looked up at timeanddate.com

While gazing at its beauty, fill your heart with excitement and keep your mind positive for the upcoming changes. The April full moon still has some clearing to do for you. After final stages of letting go of unnecessary aspects of your life, it will bring you the determination and motivation to bring about permanent changes needed for a fulfilling life.

The Energy of the Scorpio Sign

You had to let go of a lot in your life since April 15, and the full moon is here to successfully finish that process. This full moon is in Scorpio, the astrological sign that represents death and rebirth. Aligning with the pink moon, the rebirthing process will be prioritized. The energy of endings and beginnings means deep transformations, and the energy of Scorpio during a full moon brings exactly that.

It invites you to look deep into your inner world and see what it is you are looking for. This end of April, Scorpio will pull away the layers of your life and your consciousness that do not resonate with where you are going. It will fight with your ego and awaken you once again.

Scorpio possessed an enormous potential to shift your life in the right direction, and this energy is amplified when joined by the full moon energy. If you are ready to let go of that stagnancy that was slowing you down, now it is time to get rid of it and prepare for success.

Be Prepared to Succeed

Besides helping facilitate change, Scorpio’s second gift is unconditional love. The energy of Scorpio will assist you to step into unconditional love for yourself, which will guide you to step into your full power. This will be easy after Scorpio’s help in peeling back the layers to get to your true self. You will feel a sense of who you are and what you came into this world to do.

Be prepared for a beautiful transformation in yourself and in your life. Scorpio knows exactly where you need to go and how to get you there.

To help facilitate the process, here are some questions to ask yourself. Be sure to listen to what your intuition answers and follow it.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself

Take the time to either meditate or journal on these questions. They will guide you to make the best use of this full moon and use this energy to push you forward into an incredible future.

  1. Are my personal relationships fulfilling? Am I resisting taking a relationship to a new level or parting ways because of limited beliefs or someone else’s opinions?
  2. Are my beliefs serving me, and do they come from my highest Self or is it time to adjust them?
  3. Am I allowing myself to be the best I can be for my life, those around me, and the world?
  4. Am I listening to the messages I am receiving from my intuition or my guides?
  5. Am I still holding on to pointless drama to entertain my ego?
  6. Are there any fears stopping me from my full potential, and if so, how can I work on releasing them?
  7. Am I following my heart to fight for what I really want when I feel that it is right?


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