What Type of Lightworker Are You?

The term lightworker refers to a person, who feels the need to change this distorted world.  This means that this person is subconsciously aware that he should do something to cure the harm in the world. Hence, he/she perceives the greater picture and knows the flaws of the society.

The spiritual science labels these persons into three categories, which are the following:  Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. However, do you know in which category you are placed? Well, here are some short notes about the traits, which people have in every category.

1. Generation X or Indigo Children

Indigo Children (1960 to 1990) have a spirit of a warrior and often rebel. Additionally, their major trait is stubbornness. They hate the society’s conventions and fight constantly against the corruption in the society.  Hence, their rebellious spirit is manifested through art, music, and movies.

In order to force their mind to open up more, they often take drugs and mix up substances. The interesting thing about them is that their aura is in blue color, the color royal blood.

2. Generation Y or Crystal Children

Crystal children are born between the 1980 and 2000.  They demonstrate strength and are with pure hearts. Their highly developed traits are imagination and creativity.  They simply adore superheroes and show curiosity for supernatural mysteries. Furthermore, these children show great empathy and are very sensitive.

The level of their intuition is high.  The metaphor crystal means that they perceive the world with pure eyes. Even though they face with problems like anxiety, having panic attacks, they still stand on the ground firmly. They strongly fight to overcome them.

3. Generation Z or Rainbow Children

People labeled in this category are born in this new era.  They want to escape from everything that bounds them to someone or something. Also, traveling is their passion. As a matter of fact, throwing away the tradition is their main inspiration in life.

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