We Are Reborn 9 Times In This Lifetime

In life, we go through a lot. There are plenty of lessons to learn and lots of different stages to cover.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not is not the question here. You could go through these stages in one life or multiple, for most people it seems they probably get a set amount of tries for each lesson. We manifest here in this plane of existence time and time again because we still need to move through the stages. There is always something more that can be and needs to be learned.

Below I am going to go over some of those different lessons and stages. You could take each one as a separate life but I guess that is open to interpretation. What one life is to me might not be one life to you. We are all able to work through things in our own ways. Which stage of life do you think you are in?

The 9 Stages of Life:

1. The Baby

This would be the first birth, it can last a mere lifetime or a few depending on how long it takes you to really get started on the right track. While you might not think much can go wrong during this stage, you’d be wrong. This stage sets the platform for every other stage, without getting this one right all of the others fall apart.

2. The Child

This stage comes after birth but is not always as simple as it would seem. During this stage, you are still a very new soul. You have only been to this world a few times and you don’t quite understand what needs to be done. Instead of working to better yourself you end up getting stuck in one rut tight after another.

3. The Learner
This stage is the one that I feel makes the most difference. It is when you finally begin to understand what our purpose is here. You are learning more and more and everything is beginning to make sense. This stage is one some people get wrong more than any other. It is hard to overcome for obvious reasons.

4. The Adventurer
During this stage, you will be coming out of your shell and learning more about who you are and why you are here. You are starting to question the social norm instead of just going with the flow. Your soul is becoming more aged and as this happens a lot of positive things will begin manifesting for you.

5. The Romantic
This point could come before or after some of the others mentioned, it just depends. This is the moment when you meet the person who mirrors your soul. This will be the person who is literally a separate personification of who you are. It is the other part of your soul separate but complete being laid before you.

6. The Seeker

When we reach the seeker stage we move out of our comfort zone and begin seeking the truth. While you might have thought you were doing this already back when you were an adventurer you were only looking at the tip of the iceberg. This stage is where everything begins to make sense. You might begin helping others in small ways and be overcoming things you never thought you could.

7. The Achiever

As an achiever, you are really accomplishing all of the things you wanted to. You are working harder than ever and yet still maintaining a positive outlook. It seems like you have been through a lot of hard times and yet somehow the bright side has found you. This is because the universe is showing favor towards you for having made it this far.

8. The Giver

Once you have done all you can in this world there is still more to do. You will be facing this place once more to give back. This could be the ultimate test in more ways that we realize. We are brought to a lot of hard situations and must still remain selfless somehow.

9. The True Self

Once you have done all of the things above and learned the lessons associated with each one you will align with your true self. When this happens you can reunite with the source. While this will be confusing it will also be easily the best thing that has ever happened to you.


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