Venus Entering Leo: Prepare For A Time Of Love, Passion And Seduction

Those who follow the study of astrology recognize that each of the planets has a powerful impact on our lives. As they move through the zodiac, their energy can influence our thoughts, actions, and emotions.

This can either empower us to succeed and thrive in specific situations or creating barriers and challenges that we must overcome. For this reason, it is important to track and understand the movement of the planets in order to prepare ourselves to leverage the positives and minimize the impact of the negatives on our lives.

On June 13th, Venus made a significant transition, entering Leo. Recognized as the ‘Planet of Love and Money,’ the energy that it carries is focused on the pleasures that we experience in this life. This includes friendships, romance, love, marriage, and any other connection or emotional attachment. It is the energy of Venus that makes us attractive to those around us, and it’s also the same energy that captivates our attention, drawing us to specific people that we meet.

The movement of Venus into Leo is significant, marrying the energy of the planet of love with the bold and fiery influence of the King of the Jungle. In other words, prepare yourself, as your love life is about to get heated up. The sign of Leo is said to rule the heart and love, but it’s also a sign of confidence, determination, and courage. If you have been looking for the right moment to spice things up, this is it!

If you are currently single, it’s time for a change. Often, we fall victim to our own insecurities and worries when it comes to the world of dating, holding back out of fear that we may fail or be rejected. The courageous energy of Leo refuses to be held back. If you meet someone that catches your attention during this time, you are going to find yourself more empowered than ever to make the first move.

Not only will you make the first move, but you are going to jump in with both feet. Leo refuses to do anything halfway, always going all in 110%. When that special someone catches your eye, you will stop at nothing to win them over. From grand gestures to elaborate gifts, you are about to discover a romantic side of yourself that you may have never experienced before. Keep your heart open and trust the process, you may just find yourself in the arms of your soulmate before this time is up.

This love of big moves and grand declarations won’t only be felt by the single individuals among us. If you are currently in a relationship, you are about to turn up the heat. If your relationship has settled into a routine or monotony, there is no need to worry – with Venus in Leo, you are going to bring a new excitement. Stepping out of your comfort zone, you will find yourself excited to try new things and explore one another. Things are about to get hot in the bedroom!

Venus will remain in Leo until July 9th, so there is a significant amount of time ahead for you to leverage this energy in your own life. Keep your heart and mind open and trust your intuition. This is going to be a wild ride!


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