Traits of a True Spirit Warrior

Before being born, some people choose to live a life to awaken the entire human race. But, the others choose to go through the life’s challenges. They endure the pain in life and make sacrifices. The ones, who have chosen to be Spirit Warriors, know that they need to go through a lot of hardship.

They do this because their predestined life’s purpose is highly spiritual.  They strive toward raising people’s awareness. Making a sacrifice for the humanity is part of their quest. They need to make us aware of our rights in the world. So if you want to know whether you are a Warrior, look at the traits presented below.


Honesty is their major trait. They are aware that sometimes telling the truth may cause pain to the others. They know that is needed for the growth of the personality. Speaking frankly, the truth is the most powerful tool.


A warrior would never give up when things get hard. She/He is passionate about the life and faces every challenge. This person would endure through a difficult situation such as disease, economic disaster.

Hence, standing firmly on the ground, the warrior shows that everyone could deal with every type of situation. Also, he/she encourages other to face the difficulties.

 Strong Intuition

The powerful intuition is part of their personality. They simply listen to the voices that come from their heart. It is not important to them what the others say or think. They know whois their friend and who pretends to be. If they meet someone who lies, they would avoid this person, because their intuition would warn them.

 Living Life to Love

They simply love. They know that love dominates over the darkness. So, they show love to everyone and to themselves. Hence, the self-love is important, because they need the energy to fight in this world. They care for their closest ones. If someone is feeling weak, they are always there to help him/her.

 Embraces the Fears

Everyone has certain fears. But, the question is: how do the warriors deal with their own fears. Taming and embracing the fear is their way of dealing with it. Also, he/she is capable to go beyond the fear and to face it.

Rises after Falling Down

Warriors can be compared to the mythological bird Phoenix. They can rise from the ashes when being burnt and start once again. No matter how much this person falls in life, he/she puts that behind and starts over. By doing this, they inspire and lead the others through life.

Their Main Virtue Is Patience

The Spirit Warrior is patient. He/ She would not do something if the time is not right for action. He/ She would calmly wait until the right moment appears.

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