6 Things That Prove She Is the Right One for You

Every single moment spent with your loved one lifts the shadows of the monotonous every – day routines. Hence, it transcends them into an elevated feeling of happiness. One character in Shakespeare’s play ‘As you Like it ‘says the following ‘The sight of lovers feedeth those in love’, meaning that love is all we need.

However, apart from these love fairytales, the fact is that many men hesitate to commit to their girlfriend. They are facing the dilemma, whether the woman they are with is the true one. If you consider yourself to be one of these men, you should probably take a look at the following presentation.

It lists the things that you should take into regard, in order to find out whether she is the right person for you. So, your big decision should be instigated and  based upon the following things:

1. You Consider Her to Be Your Best Friend

You know that you can discuss everything with her and you can rely on her. Sharing your biggest secrets with her strengthens not just your trust and intimacy, but also makes you feel safe. Being aware that she will be always there for you, no matter what triggers the inspiration within you to tread more confidently every day.

You receive support from her. When you feel like all your hopes have abandoned you, she is the spur of your motivation. Her presence makes you forget everything and fills you with happiness. Time spent with her rushes swiftly, so you want to hang out even more.

2. You Have Privacy

She is not a codependent person.  Being a complete person by herself, she knows in her heart that you both should have a life out of the boundaries of your relationship. In other words, independence is her trait and she respects your privacy.

She understands when you need to be by yourself or want to spend time with your friends. In fact, she wants you to do things that make you happy and to enjoy in your life every day.

3. She Is Enthusiastic and Strong Person

She never forgets her aims and goals and always does the things that fill her heart.  Achieving her life goals and learning new things, makes her passionate about life. She is aware of her weaknesses, she does not pretend to be someone else. Having an attitude is the thing that makes her even more admirable in your eyes.

In other words, she stands up for herself. Without taking into consideration, how many obstacles stand in her way, the power of her perseverance and determination make her strong enough to overcome all those hurdles.

4.You Simply Adore Her

The thought of her is the reason why you feel so energetic and you have a smile on your face. You find her to be your sexiest distraction during the day.You crave for her body, her hugs, kisses. You think that she is adorable even when she is in her moody days.

5. It Is in Her Eyes

They are shining gorgeously when you look at them and she looks at you in a special inexplicably magical way. Love dwells in her eyes and the sparkling flames coming out of her glance are directed only toward you. If this is true then you know the answer.

6. You Love the Way She Is

You simply love her smile and her look. Her opinion is precious to you.  Her style and manners of behavior are the things that actually drive you crazy about her. In fact, you do not want to change anything about her.

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