How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

Nobody likes that person who brings down the mood. Unfortunately, negative vibes are highly contagious, as it’s a lot easier to bring someone down than to lift them up.

Whether it be work a Monday morning and a coworker won’t stop griping about his lack of sleep, or a Wednesday afternoon at your son’s soccer event, where another parent won’t stop boasting about how much better his or her child is. It could be a friend’s dinner party that Friday night featuring a guest who won’t stop insulting the quality of the food or dining layout. Whether boasting, expressing constant pessimism or insulting, all of these people bring the negative energy that will affect you as well, if you don’t know how to guard against it.

These are the top five things you shouldn’t do when attempting to resist absorbing some else’s negative energy while thriving on your own positive vibes.


1. Don’t try fixing them

Oftentimes, they’re being the way they are for the attention, or because they are used to getting their way, not because they are actually hurt of genuinely offended. They crave sympathy and pity. They want someone to cater to them to make them feel more important. There isn’t anything you can do to help fix that. And feeding into their calling will only make it worse next time.

2. Don’t try pleasing them

Even if you do give them the attention, or mend whatever they felt was worth fussing about, they will often find something else to fixate on and use. Attempting to help them will show that you are taking their mood too seriously, and you’re willing to exhaust yourself in order to help them. Don’t let their bad vibes affect you so much that it takes away your good ones.

3. Don’t let them take control

You are in charge of the way you feel. Not them. Letting their anger or frustration influence you in any way will allow them to transfer their negative energy to you. If they want to feel angry let them feel that way. Negative energy is easy to catch, and even harder to get rid of.

4. Don’t say “yes” to them

It’s good to want to help people and to want them to be happy. But often, people will want to have their cake and eat it too. Giving a little will open the floodgates, and soon you will find yourself monopolized by trying to quench their need to complain, insult, or otherwise drag down the mood.

5. Don’t forget to care about yourself

One of the best ways to avoid unnecessary negative energy is to simply avoid it. Sit back, take some time for yourself, and surround yourself with uplifting things that you enjoy. Focus on meditating, breathing, reading a book, or even just lying down and resting. Flush out negative energy that the world tries to fill you with and replace it with the positive sensitivity that you hold inside yourself.

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