How to Know When the Spirit of the Deceased Appears

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in Necromancy? We are all familiar with this term from the mythology and books. A notable example of it is  Dr. Faustus. He is a doctor who communicates with persons from the realm of the death.

Also, Blake, Dante and Greek mythology present to us the characters of Persephone and Hade. They live in the kingdom of death. Nevertheless, it is believed that the ancient Greeks used to practice necromancy. They performed rituals in the temples, in order to contact the spirits of the deceased ones.

Fascinating thing is that people today believe that they can maintain communication with their passed loved ones. They seek for guidance. So, if you want to seek guidance, you may want to know when the souls of the deceased appear.

1. During Sleep

Sleep activates the higher states of consciousness. Our senses are stronger and sharper. In fact, our dreams lead us in many different realms. In other words, this is like Astral projection. So, in this way, we could meet with the person.

Hence, we experience an Astral project, which allows us to walk freely between the dimensions.

2. Electronic Appliances and Candles Flicker

If the deceased person in near us, candle lights and light bulbs will flutter. This means that the energy of that person crosses the field of our energy. Have you ever noticed strange things happening to your electronic devices?

Well, if you have, you might want to know that you have spirits in your house. Spirits get in touch with electronic appliances, due to their powerful energy. The result of this is uncontrolled switching on and off of your PC, TV, stove, etc.

3. There Is An Unpleasant Odor

We have an inborn ability to detect spirits, through our sense of smell. Some people believe that the deceased ones have a smell that is particular. In fact, it is the oldest odor in the world, and we can sense it. This is quite magical, isn’t it?

4. The clocks freeze

The clocks stop to work. There is a legend, which tells that when someone dies, all clocks in the house stop to work. But, when this might occur? Well, consider the following: If it is the birthday of the deceased, then all clocks might stop working.

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