What’s a Soul Contract? Agreements That We Make Before Coming to Earth

Our soul families are the first beings that we come in contact with before our birth. Further on, they ask us what we would like to learn in the lifetime we’re getting. Once our soul answers the question, the contract is formed, and we are born.

For example, if our goal is to learn more about patience, what it is and how to be patient yourself, the universe is not going to put us in a world where we’ll be around by Zen Masters – we will be around people who constantly push our buttons instead.

If our souls want to find out more about love, we will be around hate. We are always going to get with the complete opposite of what we’d like to learn from humanity because that’s the only way we’re going ever to learn anything.

What's a Soul Contract? Agreements That We Make Before Coming to Earth

What You Get Is What You Wish For

If we want to learn more about self-confidence, we will be in an environment where we’ll constantly be frowned upon.

This is the only principle the soul contract is based on. The lesson is that we have to stand up for our own selves. We should leave no choice for ourselves but that.

One of the most painful and mentally exhausting things that one human being goes through in their life is the journey to self-development and overall improvement. This is because wealways face huge challenges, and we give so much of ourselves.

We are constantly outside of our comfort zones and get to have obligations we don’t enjoy and didn’t ask for.

We learn from the learning pain. Abusive pain, however, is something that just makes the journey harder, and that’s its sole purpose.

The universe is telling us that the road to personal growth and success is actually very easy. We are the ones complicating it thanks to allowing fear to be the dominant feeling that takes over our psyche.

Once we settle one problem, we are going to have to face another. Life is so pure, so raw, and so inconsistent that it’s just how things have to be.

It’s thanks to these issues that we actually face is how we get to learn the lessons that we are here for. So never look down on them. Be thankful that the universe is communicating with you through the situations it puts you in.

We also get to learn a lot from the people we have in our lives. That’s a lot of the time their purpose as well. You should always be thankful for having a certain circle of friends who you constantly learn new things from in your life.

Good luck on your journey!

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