Solar Storms on December 17th, 18th, and 19th Can Cause Energy Shifts, Fatigue, and Anxiety

Many things can affect our body, mind, and spirit. Even the planetary activity, temperature, weather, altitudes, moon phases, and geomagnetic storms can completely alter our emotional state. The human psyche and physiology try very hard to balance itself with the surrounding environment.

So, if anything happens that breaks that normal cycle, all living creatures are out of sync. As a result, they try to adapt and regain their normal selves. We notice this change in the stages of evolution. Of course, there is much more than it meets the eye.

Well, it seems that this December our energy will feel more intense. In fact, people around us will feel more nervous, anxious, irritated, impatient, stressed, and tired. This can happen because right now we are in the midst of very powerful solar storms.

This solar storm can disturb the magnetosphere of the Earth for a short period. As a result, our aura ( the personal electromagnetic field around every human) has to go through some changes. Since the electromagnetic energy affects the Earth, it can also cause chaos for our energy fields.

Not even Earth’s magnetic field can protect us from this energy. Therefore, people may experience some sudden changes in their behavior.

Solar Storms

Solar storms can affect our internal biological clock. As a result, they can affect our sleep and the times when we awake. Furthermore, they can produce more melatonin, which can throw our sleeping out of balance.

That is why we will feel tired at all times. Also, many people might experience vivid dreams and chaotic sleeping patterns. But, there is something interesting that might happen to most of us. Our psychic awareness and intuition will be enhanced.

Moreover, there is a possibility that these storms may affect our nervous system. Also, they can affect our GPS system, communications, and technology.

At the moment, there is a big, 200,000 km wide canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere. This hole divides the entire Earthen hemisphere that faces the sun. This hole is the reason behind the hit plasma and winds. These winds will keep altering the earth’s field and affect our emotions.

Because of this intense solar activity our thoughts, values, beliefs, feelings, and ideology are shifting. In addition, the mass becomes more aware of their surroundings and tries to work as a collective. In the end, people will become more alert and full of both negative and positive emotions.

This powerful energy can reach our electromagnetic field and completely alter our perception and awareness. In fact, it can lift us from the lower dimensions.

The Dimensions

Many people who are in the 4th dimension have been struggling to stay there without falling into the abyss. They have the vision to create perfect heaven on Earth but don’t have the power to bring it to life. They want to create a peaceful environment where people will respect each other.

However, these people are stuck between giving up on their vision and keeping their inner peace. Yet, despite their hardships, they still try to help the people who are most vulnerable.

3rd Dimension

In this dimension, the ego is in control. We live in a material world in which we view things differently. We obsess over money, belongings, social status, and career. But, we don’t value kindness and compassion.

We give in to temptation, desire, and judgment. We are afraid of losing money and what we own. Yet, no matter what we do, it is never enough. In fact, we can’t make ourselves happy. We expect someone else to make us feel fulfilled and happy.

4th Dimension

This dimension is the astral plane. People who live in this dimension are more compassionate, accepting, and love unconditionally. They seek passion, purpose, and a desire to pursue their calling. Furthermore, they know there is something more to the world.

Something that is hidden in plain sight. As a result, they focus on their intentions and open their third eye chakra. They know when someone is lying and regularly experience déjà vu. As a result, astral travel is possible for them.

5th Dimension

Once you have entered this dimension, you can hardly go back to the 3rd one. People who live in this dimension have a heightened intuition. They have no fear, no limits, and no judgment for anything that is good or bad.

They completely understand the meaning of yin and yang. They lack nothing, not even competition. Instead, they live in unity with oneself and the family they love. Furthermore, no one can manipulate them.

These are the people that are consciously aware of themselves and the world that surrounds them. As a result, they experience ‘ascension.’

In which dimension do you belong in? What do you think about the solar storms? Is this December your lucky month? Tell us in the COMMENTS and SHARE this post with family and friends.

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