6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

Call it whatever you want. Whether you talk about earth angels or light-workers. Their presence is far from fictional.

These souls come to Earth with a certain mission. Most times they’re not even aware of it themselves.

These old souls often tend to feel a little bit like the odd one in the bunch. They have trouble with the feeling of belonging somewhere because their aura is so different.

In addition to this, they are incredibly loving and have no patience for the ones who are hateful and negative.

All they want for the world is love, harmony, prosperity, and peace. They are also the ones who are helping us achieve all of these things.

If interested in finding out if you have an Earth Angel in your life, we’ve listed some clues below!

You Are Sensitive

The people who are a bit on the highly sensitive side show clues of being an Earth Angel. Their emotional response just works differently than other people. When they feel, they feel with their entire being –  even when it’s something you think is not important at all.

It’s just the way they are and the people who have zero understanding of the emotional processing Earth Angels go through tend even to be bullied about it. People need to understand that everyone has a different way of absorbing the things occurring in their surroundings and respect it, instead of shunning what they cannot grasp.

You Enjoy Alone Time

The people who show signs of being a Light-Worker usually enjoy spending their time being by themselves the most. As much as they enjoy spending time with the people who they consider their loved ones, they usually need a little bit more time to recharge and rejuvenate their energy so that they can function properly.

If you have someone in your life who tends to appear like they are a little more detached than usual, don’t be mad at them. Every person out there has a different mindset and thought-process. Let your friend or loved one recharge so that they can be their regular best selves again.

You are an Empath

It’s within an Earth Angel’s nature to be empathetic towards others. They always put themselves in the shoes of the other person. If you’ve ever had a heart-to-heart with someone who has this tendency, you perfectly understand what we mean.

When you’re talking to an Earth Angel, you feel fully understood at all times. No questions asked. If anything, not only do you feel a safety and security while talking to a person of this caliber, but they are going to offer you the absolute best advice as well.

You Have a Purpose

As an Earth Angel, you don’t believe in the artificially-structured paths that people go through. Even though you find things like stable income and an education to be important, you don’t feel like those things are quite for you.

And that’s for a reason! Even though you feel these things, you can’t help but feel like you are indeed for a broader reason than usual. When you talk about this with the wrong people, you often get judged, which is unfair.

Everyone deserves a shot at a life they build for themselves. As long as you’re safe, healthy, and financially stable, you should devote some time to the things that you feel like are your true calling as well. People need you.

Your Gut Never Lies

You have a very strong intuition about absolutely everything. Your gut has never lied to you, and it most likely never will.

When something is about to happen, you can feel it in your bones days ahead. It’s just stronger than you Luckily, you can use this gift from the universe by helping yourself and the ones who are around you and in need of some guidance.

It’s always a good idea to follow your intuition.

You’re an Old Soul

This is also something that is a lot stronger than you. You always feel misplaced when you’re out in public because you never understood the appeal of modern living. When it comes to nature though, it’s where you feel at home.

You are capable of absorbing the energy nature gifts you with to get back to your life and be the best person you can be. Thanks to nature you grow more as a person. It’s beauty and all of the processes that go on make you grow a more mature, capable person. Many people can learn from your relationship with the great outdoors.

Are you an Earth Angel?

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