Sahara Was a Forest Millennia Ago

New research results are claiming that a long time ago, the Sahara Desert was actually a forest. Not only that but about eight thousand years ago, it was populated by a large number of people. But, what happened to all of the beautiful greenery?

Most of the western region of Africa was a lot rainier that it is today. Actually, it rained ten times more than it rains today, research claims. This study was based at the Arizona University. Students and experts did research on of marine sediments that they got from the region.

One of the people who were working on the study claims that if the desert today was the same as it was millennia ago, we could have actually even lived there.

There would be a lot of greenery, water, and animals as well. Even though the research didn’t come up with a concrete time table as to when this all happened, experts are claiming it all occurred between 11000 and 5000 years ago.

The Sahara Was Once Green

Not only that, but there is lots of archaeological evidence that speaks this truth as well. There have been so many discoveries that we have found out about through the years. In the past, there were lots of communities that would gather to hunt in this region.

They’d survive thanks to all of the plants and animals that would inhabit this place. There is archaeological evidence that there were people spread across the Sahara desert even 8000 years ago.

There was also a dry period that lasted about a thousand years, and this is why the people started migrating from the Sahara. It took those thousand years that made Sahara a desert, unfortunately.

Living on a land that is dry and that has no rain, no animals, and no plants is actually impossible. The people most likely struggled a lot before making the decision to move someplace else.

According to the studies and research, there were a lot of people who were also nomadic farmers and not just hunters living across the Sahara.

The dry period exterminated an entire culture. It’s crazy to think about how powerful Mother Nature is.

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