Retrograde Season Is Here And Things Are Going To Be Insane

As you may know, there are several planets in retrograde right now. These planets are conflicting one another and the energies we are facing here on earth are not going to be dying down until about August.

This year is going to be one for the books as it really has been and will continue to push us all to work towards building something amazing. Right now Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are in retrograde but several other planets will be following suit very soon.

There will be at least six planets in retrograde at one time and this could for most of us be quite chaotic. The energies retrogrades bring with them are energies we cannot always make out or comprehend, they push us within and show us how to pause in many different ways.

Pluto in Retrograde

Pluto is currently retrograding right now and will be continuing to do so until September 30th. This planet brings forth a sense of real direction. It might make you more aggressive or more willing to stand up for yourself. This planet makes use of determination, willpower, and healing in order to help us overcome adversity.

For those going through any kind of crisis the energies, Pluto brings forth will benefit you greatly, chances are you have been feeling them work wonders in your life for a little while now.

Saturn in Retrograde

Saturn will also be retrograding for a good while longer, it will stop on September 6th and with that karma will die down a bit. Right now Saturn has karma working full blast and everything we do can and will be dealt with right off the bat. While Saturn is in retrograde motion we will be owning up to a lot of things from our pasts in order to right our karmic wrongs. This is crucial if we really want to move forward.

Jupiter in Retrograde

Jupiter’s energies are nowhere as intense as Saturns but still very important. Jupiter will be coming out of retrograde a lot sooner than Pluto and Saturn as well, it comes out of retrograde on July 10th. Because Jupiter is currently in retrograde you have most likely been feeling a lot more generous.

The energies of Jupiter work well with Saturn in this manner. Jupiter will be making it a bit harder to focus but really coming through with that positive outlook when it is needed.

Neptune in Retrograde

Neptune is set to begin its retrograde on June 18th which is coming up quickly. It will not end until November 24th but the bulk of it will occur before the end of August. This planet will bring with it karmic repercussions and also push us to grow more. Neptune is a planet of hope and a very friendly but needed kind of energy. It is an energy most people are forced to face at many points in their lives.

Mars in Retrograde

Mars will also be going retrograde this month and will be in retrograde until the 27th of August. Retrograde begins on June 26th and with it brings a deep sense of flow that we have not seen in a long time.

Mars is a retrograde that many do not like to endure, it brings with it a lot of hostility for some that most cannot stand. It is plagued with frustration and disruptions and most things do not go over smoothly while it is in play. When Mars is in retrograde, anything can happen.

Mercury in Retrograde

While Mercury will not be in retrograde during June it will go retrograde in July and be retrograding until August 18th. This brings with it a sense of sadness for a lot of people. Mercury retrograde is one that brings us to deal with things we do not want to deal with and really knows how to let the melancholy rain.

Most people assume that when this planet is in retrograde that bad luck is all they will find but to be completely honest if you really use its energy wisely it can benefit you more than you realize. It makes you feel down for a reason.

Now, while all of these things might be a bit overwhelming and terrifying they are not things we should obsess over. Being aware of the things going on in the celestial world is important but should not consume your life. While Uranus might also be in retrograde at one point or another during all of this I feel given two weeks into August we should all be feeling much better regardless of which planets are still playing this game or not.

Some of these energies will be working together and others will not, that is just how things go. They will all be guiding us to something and we should all be considering our actions and choices above all else. Are you living the life you want to be living?


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