Pick a Color and Find Out Your Personality


If you chose this color, it means that you are very passionate, fiery and a born leader. Also, you have a solid direction in your life because you are full of confidence and ambition. But, most important of all, is the fact that you will let nothing stand in your way.

In fact, you believe in loyalty. Any friend who is loyal to you, you are loyal in return. That is why you have many friends who stay close to you. Moreover, you have a very strong will. As a result, no one can take you down without a fight.


You are an optimist. Your happy, positive, and chipper personality is what makes you unique. Also, no one and nothing can get you down. That is why after everything you’ve gone through you can rise back up.

Furthermore, you never let people affect you with their negative energy. As long as you believe in yourself, there is no limit to your achievements and kindness. Because of how deeply you care about others, life will treat you well.

Also, you have an idealistic point of view, which makes you very practical and stable. In the end, you easily earn people’s trust.


If you picked orange, it means that you are very playful. Your childlike personality gives you an active lifestyle and a lot of energy. However, don’t bounce off your limits. It is important to look out for others and take care of the people who need help.

Also, people don’t consider you a bad person. They will give you anything you need. Your warm spirit and positive personality are what inspires them to be kind to you. Moreover, you enjoy being the center of attention.

That is why you would like to work something that will make you famous, like acting or performing.


You are a very sensitive and emotional person. Also, you love spending time alone, it gives you peace and time to think. People who love purple color are usually very artistic and vivid dreamers. They love creating things that will show their artistic side.

Furthermore, they see the world through their imagination. That is why they usually get lost in thought and their own world during conversations. But, don’t get them wrong. It is not because they don’t care, is because their mind is immensely fast and it tends to drift off.

As a result, they love to explore and spend their time outdoors. They are very intellectual, but not good listeners. Because of their cynical and sarcastic humor, they don’t maintain their friendships for a long time.


If you chose green, it means that your personality is drawn to nature. In fact, you love spending time outdoors and exploring. Because of your sensible approach to life, you are grounded and an introvert.

However, you like spending time with other people but not to the extent of never dedicating any attention to yourself. Also, you love provoking serious debates. You love maintaining your solid friendships but only with a selected few people.

In fact, you never hang around with people that don’t appreciate friendship as much as you do. After all, you can’t trust them.


The blue color indicates that you have unshakable ideas, but you are a hopeless romantic. You keep hoping and dreaming that better days will come. Your heart is full of faith and positive thoughts. However, you will never defend someone who has done unspeakable things.

Furthermore, your sympathetic, sincere, and kind personality is the reason why so many people use you. Lastly, water keeps you calm. Whenever you spend time outside in the forests or around lakes, you feel balanced and happy.

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