Hidden Secrets of the Oldest Book of Shadows

Magical potions of herbs and herbal rituals have been existing since the dawn of the culture. These practices were the pillars of today’s biology and medicine. However, during the middle centuries, people who had the knowledge of the herbs were punished.

Modern medicine uses herbs for curing certain illnesses.  We could find them everywhere around us. They are a better alternative to us than the chemical medications. Furthermore, the World Health Organization has found that approximately 80 percents of the people use herbs to take care of their health.

In regard to this, there is a book in the world, which gives information about how the herbs are used. Hence, some explanations connect their use with religion and rituals. The name of this particular book is The Book Of Shadows.

So if this mysterious book looks interesting to you, take a look at the following information about it.

People’s Beliefs

Many people believe that the Book of shadows did not longer exist. Even more, they believe that it belonged to a witch, who hid it when she/ he died.  Hence, in that way, the knowledge of the herbal medications vanished from the face of the world.

The Manuscript

However, some historians have recently found one manuscript, containing similar information as the book. Translated in English 1000 years ago, this manuscript presents information about the herbs and their use. Hence, the description is in details. The British Library has digitalized a recently discovered manuscript, which is similar to the Book Of Shadows. The manuscript bears the following name: ‘Cotton MS Vitellius C III’.

The pages illustrate drawings of plants and animals. Hence, many different languages reveal the name of the herb. Here, you can find recipes for many remedies for illnesses. It tells the reader where he/she can find the particular herb her she/ he needs. Also, you will find recipes for curing a bite of a snake or scorpion.

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy this book in the British Library because they have digitalized it and made available for every reader.

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