Ever Wondered What It Means to Find Money on the Street? We Have the Answer

We all get too excited when we find some cash outside completely at random. But have you ever thought what it means? It has to mean something, right? It appears that it’s a gift from our planet.

Researchers are now claiming that this has to do a lot with spirituality. Chinese culture claims that finding money on the street is a sign of good luck that’s going to happen to you in the future.

Others are linking this to spirituality with the theory that when you find money outside, you are being celebrated by the angels. They want to tell you that you are worthy of things far more than the money you just found.

Another theory is that the money is actually that symbolizes appreciation and love as a gift from loved ones that have unfortunately passed.

If you’ve noticed, most of the time people find coins rather than paper money. You must have assumed that it’s because coins are a lot easier to lose, but there is a theory that suggests spirits choose coins because they last longer outside in comparison to the money made out of paper.

Another interesting thing to think about is how you were feeling at the time when you found the cash, and what’s the currency of the money that you were gifted.

What Does It Mean to Find Pennies?

Pennies symbolize a fresh start. They signalize new beginnings that indicate a certain progress, a success, an achievement that you completely deserve, hence the gift. According to theories, finding a penny on the ground means that the angels above are sending you a sign that what you’re doing is good and that you should keep yourself doing your thing.

Finding a penny also symbolizes “oneness” – a deep connection with a passed loved one. It means that your loved one is guiding and protecting you and that you should release your fear and to do what you have to do.

What Does It Mean to Find Dimes?

Finding dimes symbolizes that you have all of the support from the spirits above. They are telling you to keep the positive outlook that you already do and to continue with your work because it’s most likely going to be successful.

Trust your inner gut feeling and go for it!

Just stay focused on the things that you occupy yourself with. All of the hard work that you put into what you do is going to be more than worth it. Finding money on the road outside means that the spirits and angels above see you. They are validating what you’re doing.

Before You Go

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