10 Signs That Show Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Marriage is a sacred bond between two souls who have made the conscious decision to spend their life together. But, who is to say that everything is going to be so perfect all the time?

It’s completely normal for a relationship to face certain hardships from time to time, and it’s the way the two of you decide to bounce back what gives the relationship the depth it deserves.

Are you not feeling as emotionally connected to your partner as you used to? Do you feel a barrier between the two of you that stops you from communicating and being vocal about your feelings? It may be time to break that barrier!

But first, do your research. And with that below are ten signs that lead us to a troubling marriage.

Good luck!

You have Less and Less Sex

Are you too tired or is it her? Hard day at work? If you remember the two of you used to make the time to be intimate with each other because you genuinely enjoyed it. That barrier keeps you from hugging your partner, let alone be physically intimate.

If this issue continues on, you should definitely release yourself from all of the fear inside of you and start the conversation. Your partner will for sure be happy to hear that you’re so involved in your relationship.

You Communicate Less

Not only that but is there little to no communication going on between the two of you. And it’s no longer that comfortable silence that you actually used to enjoy sharing with your loved one.

This type of silence causes tension, and you feel pressure to bring up irrelevant topics just to break the uncomfortable monotony that has overtaken your household.

Try to engage your partner a little bit more, and if it doesn’t work, it’s time to have the conversation.

You Are Not Engaging in Any Activities Together

Even when you’re in the same room, the two of you tend to disconnect so much that you forget there is even another person in the room. And once you realize what’s going on you start to feel uncomfortable which worsens everything.

You Are Consciously Avoiding Reality

Instead, you’re making the conscious decision to ignore the reality of your situation, and you choose to live a lie. But you know and your spouse knows that that can only last for so long.

Everything’s going to come to that one point of unhealthy confrontation because the two of you accumulated so much negativity and bitterness towards each other.

The sooner you confront your partner about the way you’re feeling, the sooner you will resolve all of the issues between the two of you.

You Choose to Focus on Other People’s Lives Instead

Because it’s just easier. No one is blaming you. But the more you continue on focusing on other people issues, the people around you are slowly going to start noticing how disconnected you actually are.

Yes, you do want to help out your friends with what they’re going through, but that all is coming from a different place.

Try resolving the issues you’re experiencing at home first so that you can be a better, more responsible friend that chooses to help them out consciously and not just because they want to preoccupy their mind.

You Start Fantasizing About “Freedom”

After the reality of the situation starts being so emotionally painful, you start fantasizing about “freedom.”  About a life without your current partner. But, that is not actually what you want. That’s just running away from the responsibility of confronting your partner.

Once you do, all of the love and genuine positive emotions that you feel about your partner are going to start manifesting again.

You Have No Reason to Fight

Usually, arguments between couples occur due to the passion that two partners have for each other.  When that passion is replaced with fear, negativity, and distance. The more you distance yourself from your partner, the fewer reasons you’re going to have to even argue.

The lack of passion destroys everything.

You Can Identify with at Least One of These Issues

If by reading this post you can identify with at least one of these issues in your relationship, you need to start acting fast. Don’t wait for the barrier to become bigger.

Try to think about what you really want for yourself and your current partner. If you really want to be together, make sure to start acting.

When You Try to Speak, You Feel like They’re Not Listening

Do you find yourself trying to speak out about what’s going on subtly but you immediately get shut down by your partner? Do you feel like they ‘re not listening at all? This depends all on the type of person you’re in a relationship.

If the person is a bit more on the quiet side, they might just be instinctively avoiding the situation because they feel uncomfortable and confrontation gives them anxiety.

But, if they’re no this way, you really need to find a way to speak to them so that you can resolve the situation.

You’re Having an Emotional Affair

This is completely natural. An emotional affair is when one of the partners develop an emotional relationship with a friend or someone else in their life. They seek guidance and support in that person because they’re getting nothing from their current partner.

Do not blame yourself if you’re going through this, and don’t blame your partner if they’re going through the same too. Try to talk it out instead.

Good luck! Share this post to spread awareness and comment on it to tell us your experience on the topic.

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