Mandalas Can Help You Decide

Every person feels certain insecurity, before bringing some decision. When we need to decide, we often hesitate about it. In order to resolve your hesitation, take a look at the mandalas below and pick one

1. First Mandala

This mandala tells that you can’t always fight for everything. It is devastating, to try solving so many things.You can’t have everything under control. Sometimes, you need to be an observer of the situations.You should try and leave the things where they are. In other words, let the things be bad if the situation is bad, without taking any actions.

In order to keep balance, you should focus only on the things that are important. Don’t try to affect a certain outcome. If something is meant to be, it shall be. Just try to keep your energy, without overthinking of everything.

2. Second Mandala

Important thing occurs in your life. If you have problems with your sleep, you probably will need to solve some problems. In fact, you can’t make progress until you face your problems. So, be courageous and try to focus on the problem. You are the one creating your future, so don’t dwell on past.

If that restricts you, you need to let it go. If the problem is some person, just walk away from him/her. You need to seek ways to feel happy. Also, every present or past event influence your future. Bearing this in mind could help you to make the proper decision.

3. Third Mandala

The Third Mandala shows that you are confident and able to bring decisions easily. You need to be practical during the periods of change in your life. Just remember, keep your energy and stop wasting it. The changes are not always good, but you need to look at them with an open mind.

You need to show enthusiasm and optimism. Some great things might happen if you believe.

4. Fourth Mandala

Self –growth is what you need to experience. You should love yourself as you are. By taking care of yourself and giving love, you maintain your balance. It is never late to take up some actions for improving your self- love. If you don’t love yourself then you can’t love the others.

In other words, you need to be selfish but at the same time selfless. Make choices that would help you and your environment.

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