Lucid Dreaming: If You’ve Ever Woken up in the Middle of the Night Unable to Move, This Is Why

Have you ever woken up from sleeping but were completely unable to move not even an inch of your body? If you haven’t, you are incredibly lucky. Sleep paralysis is one of those phenomena that we science still has a hard time explaining till this day.

Our bodies are paralyzed while we’re sleeping in order for us not to hurt ourselves while dreaming. But, when you have sleep paralysis you are practically awake but cannot move at all.

This is basically some glitch in our consciousness, and it lasts from a couple of seconds up to a couple of minutes. Even though it lasts such a short time, people who have experienced it claim that it feels like it’s a much, much longer time.

Luckily, only 8% of humanity has experienced sleep paralysis. Experts are claiming that this phenomenon is caused by REM [Rapid Eye Movement]. Also, there are scientists out there claiming that experiencing sleep paralysis can also result because you’ve genetically inherited it.

Why Are People Saying It’s so Terrifying?

People find sleep paralysis terrifying because the body is in a state of shock since it cannot move all of a sudden. We still respond to danger the same way our ancestors did, meaning that our body goes into panic mode. This panic mode is what saves people from all kinds of dangerous situations.

What Does It Feel Like?

Most people who have experienced sleep paralysis describe it with fear in their eyes. People going through this experience often hallucinate, since they’re still half-dreaming. The panic mode the body enters triggers the subconscious mind to have these terrible, gruesome dreams.

That’s what makes this entire experience so traumatic.

Why Does It Happen?

Since we are paralyzed when we’re sleeping, the brain tried to wake you up because it’s entering panic mode. This is why we hallucinate as well. The brain is trying to wake us up by making us imagine all of these terrifying scenarios.

Cult YouTuber Shane Dawson explains one of his experiences with the topic in one of his videos. You can watch that by clicking play below.

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