Your Life Is Controlled by the Power of Your Thoughts


Even physics is constantly proving the power of energy. So, if energy is so important and crucial to our lives, the way we communicate and connect with people, why do we see a human body and nothing but it a lot of the time?

We are all aware of our five senses [taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight]. All of these senses that we have been gifted with have a different range of power. For example, dogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans.

Based on the senses, we absorb a certain energy from one of our senses, and that’s how we form our perceptions and points of view.

But, it’s very important to know that or perspective of things is nothing but an interpretation and not a solid fact.

Your Life Is Controlled by the Power of Your Thoughts

All that we perceive and the way that we do it in is nothing but a reflection of how we perceive reality. Or perception of reality  thanks to the experiences that we’ve been through and the situations that life has put us in.

If you take a look around you and start thinking how everything that you can see within your reach is nothing but an idea that has been brought to life, you would probably feel different about the things around you.

Quantum physics explains that everything that is around us is a reflection of how we perceive our reality that we constantly rebuild, adjust, break down, and start over.

Basically, to put it in a less philosophical way, all that we are is a product of what we have thought. What people tell you is true is basically an illusion that you have the power to change. Luckily for us, we keep exposing the truth about everything around us more and more.

The easy way to explain this is to talk about the human body. It contains the basic nine systems like the muscular and nervous. But, what made these systems? The systems were made by tissues and organs, which were made by cells, which were made by molecules.

What Comes First?

The molecules are made of atoms, which are made of sub-atomic particles. And these particles are constantly in production thanks to energy.

The energy that we are is something that is constantly changing, all thanks to our mind. This is why every human being on this planet is equal to the other. We are all powerful beings who have so much capability of accomplishing whatever we desire.

This is why society is based on derogative and spirit-crushing customs. To make you believe like you’re not capable enough. But the truth is, you are the same as every other person on the street that you can see out of your window right now.

Our bodies are not the ones that can produce something. They can just interpret. This is why we get so frustrated because we are fed the illusion that our bodies are the one who do the most work.

Your soul is the one who gives you’re the ability to think. It’s the giver of all and through the soul, it is that we can even accomplish anything.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful tools that the sooner we learn how to use, the better. Take charge of your thought process right now. Thank yourself later!

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