How to Get Through the Mercury Retrograde, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We have gone over the Mercury retrograde before but when it comes to how this retrograde is going to affect us things will vary. Some signs will be seeing positive things while others will be faced with overly negative situations.

Mercury retrograde is something that happens more than once each year and we should all look into how it is going to be affecting us each time it hits. Below you will find a list of each zodiac sign and how they can really make the energies coming from this retrograde work for them. No matter what is in store for your sign you can find something good within it. Each message you are faced withholds something good be it huge or small.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be causing a lot of problems with communicating and for you this could make things a lot more complicated. Do not let yourself get worked up over any misunderstandings, just talk things out if you think they are a bit off or odd. Work on doing your best to really hear people completely during this time.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be bringing you out of your comfort zone in a way you are not ready for. Take this as it comes and do not overdo yourself. Things will work out. While you might normally be quick to temper in the days to come you will be able to see things from the other side.


You are going to be far more stressed during this time than you would normally be. Do not ignore this stress, it is there for a reason. Mercury’s retrograde is going to be pushing you to really overcome something and that laidback attitude you always have won’t be found easily. Things are going to be a bit upside down in the weeks to come.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be bringing out a side of you that people rarely see. You will be angry and you may even lash out more. This is something you are going to have to work through, reflect on yourself and why you are doing this. What have you had enough of?


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be dragging you through the mud and I mean that literally. you are going to feel awful for a good while. Use this time to work on being patient and become a better person. Figure out who you are when no one else is around.


You are going to feel as if your personal power is amplified. Do not let this go to your head. If you do not use this amplification properly things will turn out badly. Hold on during this time and use the energies coming your way to help those in need.


You are going to be feeling down in the dumps during this Mercury retrograde. Be careful and try not to dwell on the negative side of things for too long. If you want to really come to enjoy this retrograde seek out someone who is your opposite. Do things as you normally would but spend more time on the outside looking in.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be making you feel more tensed up and stressed. It will feel as if all of the things you have been going through are harder to deal with during this time. Don’t worry, if you keep going and are able to manage through this tension will fade.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to have you feeling like the world is your oyster. You are going to be finding a lot of positive things coming your way but do not let them get the best of you. The retrograde is going to push you to something hard to face as well. Spend more time reflecting and do not make any important decisions during this retrograde and stay in place as best you can.


You are going to be feeling a lot more kind and forgiving which is not quite like you at all. This retrograde is going to bring out a lot of good qualities within you and those close to you will notice. If you want to make the most of this retrograde embrace the good things and try to avoid anything that pushes you backward.


Mercury’s retrograde is going to be making you more mindful and yet also keep you from committing to anything big. Make small decisions but do not try to overthink anything. The next few weeks you will feel as if you are moving through life in the best ways possible.


Do not waste time trying to explain yourself during this retrograde. No one is going to be able to fully understand you until it is over. Spend some time getting to know yourself and see where you go from here in the months to come. As you have been told before you will be just fine if you protect your personal energies.


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