How to Be Cool on Snapchat and Instagram

Surely, you love posting pictures of your favorite soy latte and avocado toast. But, according to teens, you are a big loser. Sorry about that.

Being cool is something that most of us have no idea how to master it. However, teens seem to inherently know what is cool and what isn’t, especially when it comes to posting on Snapchat and Instagram.

In fact, teens seem to follow some pretty strict rules when it comes to social media. They have a complete rulebook on how you can be cool. So, if you want to know their secrets, prepare yourself. Here is what you should do if you don’t want to be a loser.

Use hashtags ONLY ironically

Don’t use hashtags for everything. Instead, use it only when you want to express something ironically.

Ask yourself if your picture is ‘Insta-worthy.’

It is crucial to post posts that are interesting rather than to keep posting things over and over again. There is immense pressure to be fun and innovative. In fact, that is why people keep retaking photos until they come out perfectly

After all, the post and picture must be ‘Insta-worthy.’

Don’t post only food pics

Of course, countless people love taking pics of their perfect-looking dish, but teens couldn’t care less about the food you eat. Teens say that if they wanted to look at food pics, they would follow a food page. So, yes, post food pics, but post something else too.

OMG never sing

According to teens, this is the most important rule out there. If you are someone who is obnoxiously loud or keeps singing in their car, teens will definitely laugh at you. They will even think that you have no friends. Ouch.

Space out the selfies

Don’t post selfies on Instagram every day. This will show that you have no friends and it gets old very quickly. Try to spice things up and post some pics of cool things besides your face, like events, cars, fashion, food, etc.

No mom pics

Teens today are brutal. They say that you should only post pictures of your mom if it is her birthday or if she dies. Otherwise, don’t.

Never double-post

Never post countless photos in one day, especially on Instagram. Never post two or more Instagrams every day unless you are posting something really cool.

Quality over quantity

Make sure to take a picture of excellent quality and good lighting. Otherwise, that pic is not ‘Insta-worthy.’

Never Instagram the Snapchat filters

The worst thing you can do is Instagramming your pictures with a Snapchat filet. Don’t try to hide that flower crown filter, we can tell that’s not how you actually look like, says McArthur Ellen, 19.

Keep the emoji to a minimum

There is a 3 emoji rule in the teen’s world. Never use more than 3 emojis or too many hashtags. It is just ‘tacky.’

Chech the Instagram ratio

It is important always to check your Instagram ratio. You mustn’t have more following than followers. In other words, don’t follow more than 500 people if you only have 1,000 followers. Instead, your ratio has to be 2:1.

Don’t be mean

Be nice to people if you don’t want to be a target for negative comments. Therefore, don’t post embarrassing photos of other people to cause some personal drama. This kind of behavior is immature and annoying to teens.

Never send your Snapchat Story to other people

It is crucial that you never send your Snapchat Story to someone. That person will probably see your story, so why double it? As teens say, never do that since it will make that person feel stupid.

Never send abs pics

Teens don’t care about your abs. Firstly, it gets really annoying and old really fast. Since countless thirsty guys are willing to send their random pics to any girl, they usually end up blocked. End of story, says Joey Ann.

Make fun pics, don’t just lie in bed

According to teens, traveling and hiking is cool. But, constantly posting picks from your bed with a puppy dog filter is not cool. In fact, it is weird and annoying, says Lily Hamblin, 19.

There is a limit

According to Rachel Luo, 18, this is the most important rule of all of them. If you are on a concert and you post a ton of Snap Stories from the same concert, you are annoying people. Furthermore, anything that is longer than 50 seconds is more than annoying.

So, make sure to pick what you post.

It seems that being cool for teens is probably immensely hard. In fact, some rules are made to be broken. So, posting a thing or two that is uncool can still be fun. What do you think? Do you abide by these rules?

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