Opening The Gate To Higher Consciousness Through Intercourse

Have you ever thought about how truly intimate sex really is? While we are made to think that it is not quite as meaningful as it is, I think we all can sense the power behind it.

Sex is something we use in many different ways. It is a way for us to really connect with one another but also to create and grow. Sex is not just a means of feeling good, whether you use it as just that or not. It is a way for us to truly cultivate something very spiritual if we actually put our all into it. Through sex, we can find freedom and depending on who we are, having it with we can really benefit our own energy or take away from it.

Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of unions we are creating when we have sex. These unions depend on the things we are intending to gain from having sex and who we are doing it with. If there is a connection, of course, the union will provide you with a higher sense of consciousness but if there is not things won’t be as energetic or positive. I know this can be a bit hard to understand but stay with me.

5 Kinds of Sexual Unions:

1. The Draining Union

This union is one that does nothing to strengthen you spiritually. It is when we sleep with someone who is toxic. When we do this we are opening up our own personal energy and allowing this person to feed off of it. While this is great for that person it is quite damning to you.

2. The Soulful Union

This union is one in which we are able to elevate ourselves to a higher plane of consciousness. We open up our soul to someone else and they do the same to us. This kind of union is one that can only be found when we are being intimate with someone we care for who also cares for us. It is a kind of union that is very connection driven.

3. The Empowering Union

This union is one that you are gaining more energy that you are letting out. While you might not usually find this union often it is one that must be switched up to keep both parts comfortable. This is a connection that can and will push your consciousness to a new place.

4. The Alert/Opening Union

This union is something that occurs the first time we become intimate sexually with someone, it is a very open and overwhelming experience for most. This is the part most people tend to get hooked on. Even if you don’t know the person well this alert union is something that feels good.

5. The Conscious Union

This union is the union we have with someone we are truly in love with. It is one that brings forth a sense of balance. This kind of sex is very spiritual and sensual.


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