Hidden Secrets in Famous Works of Art

Having craftily painted their masterpieces, great painters probably intended to bury certain messages within their art. Hence, some of the world’s famous paintings hide many secrets. It is interesting how these secrets were not discovered until the 21st century.  You will be amazed when the following secrets reveal before your eyes.

1. Last Supper’s Mystery

One of the greatest artists was Leonardo Da Vinci. His talent was huge. Namely, he was a scientist, painter, and sculptor. However, he had one hidden talent and that was musical inclination. His greatest work of art The Last Supper hides his peculiar talent.

One researcher found that the Apostles’ hands and the position of the bread reveal notes of a secret melody. Hence, a musician should play the melody from right to left, because Leonardo created his music in that manner.

2.Michelangelo’s Secret in Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam portrays Adam’s birth. It is a scene from the bible, where God endows Adam with soul by touching his finger.  However, Dr. Meshberger discovered a form of a human brain on the place where god stands.

Hence, the crowd of angels standing behind the God and God reveals a shape of the human brain, if one draws carefully lines within it.

3. UFO’s in The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

A strange flying object is a thing that the painting The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’’ hides. The creator.  Diyos is not the only painter who illustrated UFO in the art. Most amazingly about this painting is the amazed man standing in the right part of the painting.

4. Prophet Zechariah’s Message

In the Sistine Chapel, you will find the painting Prophet Zechariah by Michelangelo.  He painted it in 1512 when the Pope Julius ruled with the church.  Furthermore, the prophet in this painting looks like the pope. However, if someone observes closely, he/ she would notice that the babies standing behind the prophet make a gesture behind his back.

Well, in that times, this gesture meant that you want to insult someone. So, Michelangelo wanted to insult the Pope in some indirectly.

5. The Secret About Mona Lisa

There are many mysteries about the Mona Lisa.  In fact, this is the most investigated painting in the world. Her smile and the posture of her arms are mysterious. Also, some scientists determined that she was pregnant or was a prostitute. Recently, one doctor claimed that Mona Lisa had eye tumor.

Also, if her eyes are observed even more closely, there is an inscription in them. The one eye has LV inscription and the other CR. So the question is what do they signify and who inscribed them? However, this will remain unsolved for another long period.

6. The Mystery of Mozart

Lorenzoni painted the composer Wolfgang Mozart as a young child. However, the analysis of painting shows that Mozart was a member of the Freemasonry. Namely, the sign for his membership is the posture of his hand in his shirt.

Hence, it is a fact that he was a member of this secret society when he grew older. But why would he show this sign just at age of 6? This is quite shocking indeed isn’t it?

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