Heartbreak Shouldn’t Always Be a Bad Thing

Being emotionally hurt by someone, who meant a lot to you is probably the worst thing in the world. Every single person wants to have healthy relationships with the people closest to him /her. However, there are so many people who intentionally or not might break your heart.

You will feel hopeless for a moment and think that nothing could ever warm your heart again. You might lose faith in every person, who shows interest in you. Detaching yourself from the world might become your everyday routine. It is natural to experience a depression and pain.

But as the time passes your heart should heal and you get better. In Addition, here are some aspects that your heartbreak is a positive thing.

1. Emotional growth

Blaming universe might comfort you, but in that way you delude yourself.  Believe that everything happens in a certain and predicted manner. Facing reality stops you to fall in a self- pity mode. The heartbreak is sometimes a short notice send from the universe, to tell us that it is time to improve ourselves.

You should face the pain, and stop avoiding it. You should understand that the person who broke you was a false coward. He/ she doesn’t deserve your attention. Furthermore,  if someone considers you to be important in his/her life, he/she would have never hurt you.

Letting the pain to manifest is probably the saddest thing.  However, it makes us stronger and gives us the opportunity to reflect on our weaknesses. It leads us toward becoming emotionally strong individuals.

2. Focusing on Yourself

The positive side of it is that you have time to think and pay attention to yourself. Doing the things that make you happy is a good way to overcome your depression. Additionally, focus on learning something new. Try some new sport or engage in some new hobby.

Hence, try to love yourself on first place and know that nothing is capable of afflicting you unless you allow it.

3.  Understanding True Love

Buddha says that understanding is the pillar of the true love.  The perception that love is about giving and taking is misguiding so many people. They are wrong! Love is something that we give and we should not require anything in return.

Is it hard to let things go? If that is so, just think whether the person is worthy of your tears and unhappiness. No matter how much you love that person, just should think that world is a place where everyone deserves happiness. So do you!

Having negative thoughts about the person might bring you only discomfort. So, you shouldn’t have a grudge on anyone and try to think less of him/ her. Wish them luck and just leave, without overthinking. Furthermore, if they understand, how their actions affected you, they would come and apologize for everything.

But, if they turn a blind eye on everything, you should become aware that they do not deserve you.

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