Gemstones Are Raining Down From The Sky In Hawaii

It has been reported by many at this point that among the interesting things going on in Hawaii as a result of the Kilauea eruption. We have heard everything from blue fire to volcanic tornadoes but this takes the cake.

It is now raining gemstones, yes you read that correctly. These green gyms are known as olivine crystals and are a common mineral found in Hawaii’s lava. As it erupts sometimes these minerals separate from the rest of the melt and fall as tiny little bits of gemstones. While you can find olivine throughout the island it is quite interesting that the volcano is shooting out gemstones in a sense.

Typically the olivine is locked away within the rock fabric of the oozing lava but in the sudden ejection of lava into the air it rapidly cools and separates the melt. This allows the crystals to become their own separate beings. Sure, it’s not an expensive gem but it is still pretty and comes with a great backstory. This stone is also known as peridot and is quite pretty, I guess you could call it the only pretty thing coming from this eruption.

Mashable spoke with Geologist Cheryl Gansecki on this and she said as follows on the subject:

“Yes, the lava that is erupting now is very crystal-rich and it is quite possible that residents might be finding olivine,”

“It can be carried in the pumice [rapidly cooled lava] pieces that have been rained all over the area,”

These crystals were formed deep underground long ago brewing within the molten rock so to be someone holding one in hand is quite amazing. This eruption has been going on for quite some time now and no end is clear just yet. What do you think about all of this? I for one find it to be quite fascinating.


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