Meet Freddy, the Biggest Dog in the World!

Freddy is the tallest dog that you have ever seen. He is more than 7 feet tall. But, aside from his massive looks and muscles, Freddy is a lovely dog. He lives in Essex, England together with his mother, Claire Stoneman.

Claire says that everyone loves him. At the beginning when she brought Freddy home, she expected him to grow big. But, not that big! No one could have ever expected Freddy to grow this tall, and with good reason.

Freddy weights 200 lbs and is 2 feet taller than his mom, Claire. Unlike the usual Danes who grow to be 22 inches tall and weighs 190 lbs, Freddy can’t even compare to them.

Freddy’s Family

Freddy lives in a big family together with his mother Claire, her children, and his Great Dane sister, Fluer. Together, they are inseparable. But, what about the costs? How much does it cost to keep such a big dog at home?

Well, according to Claire, it takes $15,000 per year to keep the dogs fed and healthy. Plus, to fix all the broken furniture or various items around the home. But, Claire says she loves her Great Danes and would take care of them over and over again.

She is absolutely dedicated to taking care of Freddy, and his sister and even takes them for a walk 40 minutes every day. She says it is important to wake up early and keep the dogs happy. But, the most important part of the day is to avoid smaller dogs.

After all, they will panic when they see Freddy. However, Freddy is calm, and will never hurt anyone. Especially because he is older now and has less energy. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see how much love and affection there is in his family.

Freddy is in great hands, and we will most surely want to know how he will grow. Finally, what do you think? Make sure to leave us a comment and share this post with family and friends.

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