Scientists Claim Everything Is Energy and Reality Is Not What It Seems

Have you ever wondered what is real? What are we made of? What the physical world consists of?

Well according to the newest discovery in quantum physics, nothing is what it seems. In fact, everything, us, the world, the creatures, and life is made of pure energy. For a long time, we believed that in the physical world everything has a core.

At that core lies a tiny material particle that creates the blocks of our reality. As a result, physicist tried to examine and understand how these blocks shape the physical world we currently live in. For that reason, they conducted various experiments.

Because of every new advancement in quantum physics, the physicists were able to gather more information. In the end, they concluded that the information points to the fact that at the core of all life, lies an energy network.

Furthermore, this pure energy seems to intertwine and block our reality. Or, in a way, construct it. In other words, all the blocks are in fact energy. So, this means that every physical body or objects contain pure energy filled with precious information.

What is even more amazing is that scientists found out that the electrons can function as both particles and waves at the same time. Therefore, if the circumstances are more optimal, the sub-atomic particles will act differently.

Moreover, for these particles to behave, observation and interaction were necessary. Under observation, these particles acted as physical units. But, when they were unsupervised, they behaved like waves.

This inspired physicists to come up with a theory. They believe that the world exists because there is a form of consciousness that holds it together. In fact, they claim that this consciousness is ‘God,’ ‘the collective consciousness,’ ‘Logos.’

So, according to this theory, there is a consciousness that allows existence on this planet and keeps everything together. Therefore, the huge amount of energy that constructs our physical reality can reshape easily depending on the power of that consciousness.

What Is the Source of Our Mutual Reality?

According to scientists, everything is connected on some level also known as “quantum entanglement.” They managed to discover that when the particles interact, they stay connected. So, no matter the physical distance, they will affect one another and stay ‘entangled.’

Because of the Big Bang theory, we know that all beings are made up of the same elements. Our essence contains the same elements. In other words, everything in this world, us, the beings around us, all life, is connected.

This tangled web of information is what makes us ‘us.’ So, we owe it to our perception and consciousness. Even though this might seem confusing, it makes a lot of sense. According to scientists, everything that we are, everything that takes shape exists thanks to that consciousness that we all possess.

This consciousness materializes the world around us. So, maybe not only space and time can give the dimensions of reality.

Maybe the consciousness is what creates time and mater. Maybe it is the one that brings it all into existence. Otherwise, it could be an untouchable energy that is constantly shifting and everlasting. Nevertheless, we might never be able to comprehend our complicated existence.

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