Empath or a Lightworker

Is there any difference between a lightworker and an empath? Sure, there are certain similarities and differences between lightworkers and empaths. On one hand, empaths are able to perceive the other’s emotions. On the other hand, a lightworker is striving to save the humanity.

If you wonder what you are, here are presented several characteristics of each type of person.

 Traits Of An Empath

A person filled with empathy feels emotions of the others. Nature and adventure is their primary love. They strive toward gaining freedom and independence. If they are experiencing certain monotonous moments, everything may become boring to them at once. They listen to others’ problems an try to find solutions for them.

This is the reason why they often feel tired. If they meet someone, who is a narcissist, they would simply avoid him/her. Hence, they would eagerly help someone. They feel uncomfortable when being surrounded by a crowd. Also, they are led by their intuition and sense dishonesty.

The Lightworker’s Taits

The Lightworker has the urge to heal everyone. He/She wants to teach everyone a lesson about moving through hardship. The high sensitivity to energies and emotions makes them inclined to help the others. Also, their purpose is to save the world. They know how it feels when someone endures a lot of difficult situations in life,

A certain spiritual awakening has affected them. So, they are spiritually more developed than the rest. Even though they don’t have strong intuition they can notice when someone tries to hurt them. Also, they want to be out in the world and communicate with people.

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