Prepare for the Emotionally Intense Supermoon Triad to Cause Major Energetic Shifts and Disruption

What can one say about Gemini? Being the sign of ideas, thoughts, and communication, we should be eager to move into the next moon cycle.

We may find doing so a bit trickier than we expect. And for that, we can blame Saturn and Chiron. And Mars. And Pluto. And even Mercury himself, the planetary rascal in charge of Gemini.

Gemini energy is naturally playful, driven by curiosity and loves to laugh. The Gemini part of you enjoys a witty joke, quickly sees the humorous side of a situation, and admires forms of communication that reveal new ideas and insights.

Gemini’s path is to learn—period. Learn as much as you can. Gather as much information as you can. Collect words that help you talk about what you’re learning and integrate that into what you already know. Share and exchange ideas until you run out of words. Store it in a fluid database where you can access it at will, be it through free association or logical pathways.


Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Gemini New Moon, and his experiences permeate the New Moon energy. For starters, Mercury is in Cancer, a Water sign, which turns up the humidity/feeling level of the Airy Gemini Moon. This enhances a sense of empathy, caring and personal impact, so we are likely to have not just observations but also some feelings about what happens during the upcoming 4-week lunar cycle. As a result, thinking objectively and dispassionately about our events and experiences may not come as easily as it could.

Adding to this, for better or worse, is that the Moon and Mercury are in Mutual Reception. This emphasizes the feeling, intuitive, creative expression of the mind and the ability to analyze, objectify and detach from emotions.

Mercury is opposite Saturn in Capricorn. This Earth sign and its ruler cast a strong shadow that seeks to distinguish fact from fiction, what we want from what we actually require, and what we hope for versus the reality we must deal with. Saturn encourages a more objective, mature and serious approach, both in terms of how we respond to the world around us and what we decide to do with/about how we feel about it.

On the other hand, Mercury attains his farthest reach on Jun.15, the same day that Saturn is exactly opposite. So, whatever your mind perceives or is inspired by, as Mercury peaks in declination around the New Moon, could later slip through your fingers like a dream upon waking unless you find a way to bring it back down to earth through a plan to put it into a manifest form.

Mercury is also square Chiron in Aries and is one of the closest aspects in the chart (only 8 minutes of arc away from becoming exact). Complicating this close-orb intensity is the fact that Chiron is a singleton in Fire signs. (That means no other planetary bodies are in a Fire sign unless we want to get into a million asteroids and miscellaneous bits of space dust. Shall we? Oh, let’s not…)

Being a singleton means that Chiron, your Wounded Warrior, is the only archetype currently channeling Fire energy. Therefore, if you want to tap into Fire (enthusiasm, passion, inspiration, vision) you may need to do that by confronting a wounded place inside you. By taking a step along the path of your most difficult struggles, you can liberate some of your suppressed life force. Stay in the struggle.

So, our mental faculties are imbued with personalized feelings, but Saturn insists we must not simply collapse ourselves into what is in our own interest but to also consider what’s best for everyone around us too. How to choose the best balance between them? If only we could be set on fire with enthusiasm and passion, and let that blast away the forest of difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we can escape entirely from whatever path lies ahead. Our Inner Wounded Warrior may remind us that passion and determination can fuel our journey through that forest, but it can’t magically transport us to the other side without extra consequences. As a result, our Warrior may feel sad, frustrated, angry, depressed or agitated—or perhaps even doubly determined to bring a flame-thrower anyway and let the sparks fly where they may.

This dilemma is shown in the chart not just by individual aspects between Mercury, Chiron, and Saturn, but also the fact that together they form a T-square aspect pattern. It means that sensitive, intuitive Mercury, structured Saturn and passionate Chiron need to work together as a team—not the easiest alliance in the world but together they can be very effective.

This is about the struggle to balance Mercury’s imaginative, creative and intuitive perspective with Saturn’s societal expectations and ordered organization. It may help to allow yourself to be driven by Chiron’s urge to use our woundedness as fuel to break out of the deadlock.


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