Zen Buddhism Reveals the Hidden Secret to Not Giving a F_ck

Most likely there is not a person with an internet connection nowadays who hasn’t read at least one quote from Buddhists or The Dalai Lama. Have you ever stopped to think about the meaning that is way beyond the quote itself?

Sure, all of those quotes invite for positivity and acceptance in our lives, but have you ever thought that Buddhists are telling you to stop giving a f_ck? Aren’t they telling you to stop focusing on things that do not matter and things that are not relevant in your life whatsoever?

Even though the phrase “I Don’t Give a F_ck” usually paints the picture of a reckless teenager who genuinely does not care about more things, which to be respectful is fine as well, it means so much more as well.

This phrase is related to Zen Buddhism which if you’ve ever read about it, you’d know that it’s a philosophy that spreads the word about peace, kindness, and compassion. It is also a philosophy preaching about how what goes around comes around. It also states that if you open your heart to positivity and if you treat everyone equally, you will stop being negative about life.

Zen Buddhism Reveals the Hidden Secret to Not Giving a F_ck

You Have to Let Go

Buddhists preach that if you desire, you’re going to suffer as well, in every sense of the word. Whether it’s desiring material things or whatever else, you are going to suffer because the loss of something that you want so much is expectable and bound to happen.

The only thing in this world that is certain and factual is change. Change is a powerful force that never goes away. Your instinctive wish to control things and to be in charge is the main thing that gives you anxiety and depression because you will never be able to do so. Change is absolutely inevitable, and the more you try to stop it the more you are going to suffer.

Enjoy the present moment that you’re in, and when a great change comes, accept it and learn to move on and let go.

Do Not Attach

If you try too hard too hard to control the way you feel that just a sign of how unhappy you are. In order to be truly happy one of the first things you should actually do is to accept the way you are. That is the only way you will be able to change something about yourself, by accepting it first.

A way on how to practice self-love is not to attach too much. Embrace all of your emotions and don’t attach to one emotion for too long. Don’t try to control your emotions. They will come out one day, no matter how much you try to take charge.

At the end of the day, you are human, and you have a wide range of emotions that your soul deserves to experience.

Stop being afraid of embracing your emotions. Each emotion is an experience that you need to go through and to experience so that you can move on. Thanks to this process you will be able to recognize the emotion that you’re feeling and to detach – not to be afraid anymore.

Good luck on your journey. Don’t forget to embrace your emotions.

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