If You See a Person with a Black Dot on Their Palm, Call the Pollice Immediately

You are probably wondering what in the world has a black dot got to do with the police. What does it mean? How could that be a problem? Who would put a black dot on the palm of their hand?

It’s not all as silly as it appears to be.

The Black Dot Campaign is a cause by a woman who wanted to find a way for victims of family violence to send secret signals that they are in danger and that they need help.

The entire campaign started on Facebook, and since then it has started spreading all across social media.

This is why if you ever see a person with a black dot on the palm on their hand, make sure to contact the authorities immediately.


This method helps professionals find out who is going through abuse in the family, which enables them to start acting on helping the individual. Only in the first 24 hours, the campaign reached about 6 thousand people, and about a dozen women have been rescued thanks to the method.

Even though some people came out arguing that this method is not the best, since it’s so widespread across social media, the abusers can see what the fuss is all about as well. Nonetheless, if the cause helped at least one man, woman, or child going through abuse that’s what it’s all about.

A Black Dot on the Palm of the Hand

There have been women coming out with their stories about how the campaign helped them. One of them was a woman who told the press that she was pregnant and even then her partner was very abusive. She started getting more and more paranoid since the birth of the baby kept coming sooner.

Her partner would never leave her side. One time while they were in the hospital she wrote ”Help Me” on the palm of her hand, and that’s how she managed to get away from her abusive husband.

She is now safe and spreading the word to help other women going through similar circumstances.

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