Best Unsolved Mysteries of 2017

A lot has happened in 2017. Even some of the weirdest and most baffling mysteries caught our interest. From octopus walking out of the ocean, to CIA coded messages, here are the best mysterious around the world that made us wonder in 2017.

These are some of the most intriguing finds that we might never solve.

Dozens of Octopuses Walked Out of the Sea

Octopuses never jump from one tide pool into another. But, in October, a dozen octopuses were walking on sand in Wales. As the locals claim, this has never happened before. As a result, people tried to contact several experts that might provide some answers or at least theories.

In addition, the experts believed that the octopuses might have gone senile. Since octopuses live for a short period, only a year, it is possible that this happened around the time when they finished laying eggs.

Therefore, it might be possible that they were showing their cognitive decline. After all, octopuses die soon after laying eggs. Moreover, there was a different theory. Experts believe that because of the recent major storms like the storm Brian and hurricane Ophelia, the creatures were displaced.

As a result, different study issued in the Current Biology tried to shed some light on this problem. Experts found out that there was a possibility that the octopus population was immensely increasing. Therefore, it might serve as an answer to why the creatures walked on land.

They might have been searching for shelter or food. However, in the next couple of weeks, there were still some octopuses walking on land. In the mid-November, they stopped. What is the real answer, we may never know.

Brain-Eating Shark Killer

Thousands of rays and sharks washed up dead on the shores of San Francisco Bay from February to July. People were shocked at the sight. As a result, scientists were called to determine the reason behind this mystery.

After analyzing the dead shark’s DNA, the scientists found out that there was a brain-eating parasite that completely destroyed their gray matter. However, no one was able to determine what kind of parasite it was, where it came from and why did it attack now.

This is the first case of this unusual pathogen that infects and kills wild sharks. Furthermore, some scientists believe that maybe the bay was the perfect area for the parasite to start acting more efficiently. Also, the higher than normal rainfall might have a huge impact on the shark’s immune systems.

Whatever the case, we have yet to find out the answers to this phenomenon.

Possible Location Where Amelia Earhart Died

Many know Amelia Earhart. She was a pioneering aviator who mysteriously disappeared 80 years ago. Despite the endless searching for her remains, historians, fans, and researchers, were never able to locate her remains.

However, in July, a forensic dog located an area in Kiribati, Nikumaroro Island. This is a small island nation located in the central Pacific. Back in 1940, a British official reported encountering human bones in that specific region.

And now that the forensic dog located the area, scientists were called to examine the remains. They believe that these remains could be of Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart Film Never Before Seen

There was also other evidence that turned up even after all these decades. However, they were mostly discredited. As scientists claim, we need something like DNA or bones to solve this case once and for all.

And since the forensic dog located some remains in Kiribati, there might be a possibility that researchers will shed some light on this mystery. However, there aren’t any results available yet. Check out this video below for more details.

The CIA Kryptos Code

There is a sculpture ‘Kryptos’ that stands at the center of the CIA grounds in Virginia.

The designer Jim Sanborn adorned this sculpture with four coded messages. Every message is immensely difficult to solve. Even though Sanborn predicted it would take people weeks to decode the messages, in reality, it took them years instead.

However, nobody cracked the fourth message. Plus, the deliberate typographical errors make this task even harder to solve. Lastly, Sanborn created an official website where people can verify their possible solutions or variations.

However, no expert has managed to crack it yet.

Storm of Weird Radio Sounds from Space

In early September, astronomers heard 15 blasts of radio waves coming from space. They described them as passing but powerful. Furthermore, they claim that the waves came from a galaxy that is 3 billion light years away from us.

But, researchers are still uncertain about the source or location of these energetic blasts and powerful magnetic fields. However, this is not the first time we detected such waves. Scientists have been hearing them from back in 2007.

Endangered Whales Die of Unknown Causes

Back in June, there were 6 dead endangered whales located on the shores. But, wildlife conservationists had no idea what happened. Shockingly, by August the death toll increased dramatically.

It was at 10! By the end of the year, there were 17 North Atlantic endangered right whales dead on the coast of St. Lawrence, Canada. These whales are one of the most endangered species on the planet. There are about 450 left.

As a result, these sudden deaths made experts think that the species might go extinct in 20 years.

Blue Dogs in India

In August in India, the first ever blue fur dogs were seen. According to locals, these dogs usually roam through the heavily industrialized neighborhood. Because they drank from the wastewater, their fur turned blue.

Even though the dye seems non-toxic, it sparked local outrage. After all, India has the strictest animal rights in the world. In fact, it is illegal to kill a healthy stray dog, cat or any animal. As a result, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board started investigating the incident.

They found out that a certain company used a specific chemical that turned the dog’s fur blue. In fact, more factories used this dye. And since it was in the heavily industrialized zone, it is difficult to implement pollution control laws.

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