7 Reasons to Be Selfish in 2018

If you observe everyone around you, you might see that most people are selfish and self-absorbed. They are more concerned about their look more than with the people around them. Well, in this age of self-indulgence, self-promotion, and of course, selfies, there is no wonder where this behavior comes from.

Today, people are obsessed with boosting their egos and getting attention. However, if we delve deeper into our emotions, we can understand why other people put themselves first. They have more confidence and love themselves unconditionally.

This kind of behavior might seem bad for some, but in reality, it could prove useful. It could help people get their confidence, and stand out in the world. Of course, if they don’t become obsessed with these self-absorbed emotions, it can work very well.

This is why you should be selfish in 2018.

1. You Will Become Your Own Best Friend

In today’s age, most people care only about themselves. As a result, people have a difficult time finding true friends who will always be there to lend a hand. Therefore, it can be an immensely useful thing to learn to be there for yourself when you are alone.

In addition, you will never feel lonely again. Furthermore, you will start enjoying the time you spend alone without anyone making you depressed or angry. However, to achieve this, you have to allow yourself to increase your self-esteem and confidence.

In the end, no one will ever force negative emotion onto you.

2. You Can Make Everyone Else Feel Better

By loving yourself, you will emit positive energy. You will feel good in your own body. As a result, people will feel much better when they talk to you. They will love your presence. In other words, if you are a positive, blissful, and carefree person, you will inspire other people to act the same way too.

Therefore, start healing your wounds and find peace within yourself. Besides, if you don’t change your life, no one else will.

3. You Will Remove All The Obstacles

Most of our problems exist in our minds. If we don’t love ourselves, we let our minds control us like puppets. They will dictate our every move and force us to hate ourselves. As a result, we destroy the little positive things we have left and create chaos around us.

In addition, we can’t control our behavior and emotions. Moreover, the lack of love directly reflects the way we feel about ourselves. So, if you step into the light and ignore all the shadows, you will feel less burdened.

Therefore, try to remove all the deflating patterns and set yourself free. In turn, the world around you will become easier to live in.

4. You Make Your Own Decisions

Take the time to learn to love yourself. Try to get rid of everything that has no use for you. If people bring you down, don’t be around them. Instead, try to find better things in life, better people who will be there when you need them.

This way, it will be easier for you to come up with decisions. In addition, you will know exactly what you want in life and who you are. As a result, the new choices you will make will reflect your new state of mind. Those choices are now perfectly balanced with your desires and ultimate goals.

5. You Will Improve Your Relationships

Countless people around the world struggle with their relationships. They try to improve their relationships whether it is with their parents, lovers, bosses, coworkers, or friends. However, they become submerged by guilt, anger, pain, and sadness.

But, what is the cause of all these problems? Well, we believe it is the lack of love for oneself. Therefore, people need to spend some time and try their best to destroy their own barriers. This way, they can learn to love themselves and seek the same love from others.

Moreover, if you remove all the worldly desires, attachments, and relationships, you just have yourself. So, to have a healthy relationship, you have to learn to love yourself and never let your ego bring you down.

Life is a mirror. If you don’t see love and compassion when you look at yourself in the mirror, you have to remove all the negative blockages if you want to emit positive energy onto others.

6. Learn About Unconditional Love

This world needs love. But, unfortunately, we live in an age where people depend on comments and likes to give them self-worth. They don’t try to heal their wounds, and they drown in their insecurities.

But, if we don’t offer ourselves compassion, love, and affection, how can we expect to receive that from others? Therefore, people have to love themselves unconditionally if they want to share the overflow of goodness in the soul and heart with others.

In fact, this way, they will attract other people who also love themselves. Even though the world around us is obsessed with self-indulgence, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing.

7. You Will Feel Better and Healthier

The people who love themselves can make their own decisions in life, including how healthy they want to be. If you love yourself, you will want to increase your vitality and energy. Therefore, you won’t be consuming something that can be harmful to your health.

Furthermore, you will take the time to prepare the food. You will love to make food that looks and tastes great. In the end, you will take care of your body which doesn’t make you selfish.

As you can see, loving and focusing on yourself doesn’t make you selfish. Of course, it means that you are taking care and looking out for yourself without worrying about others. Even though this might seem selfish in nature, it doesn’t make you a bad person.

So, try to be a bit selfish in 2018. After all, you have nothing to lose, but much to gain. Lastly, get rid of all those thoughts that hold you back from becoming your best self.

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