3 Signs That Show Samhain Is Near

In the ancient time, people were able to predict the Samhain, only by reading signs. In fact, reading signs is one of the oldest methods for foreseeing something.  Probably, you have noticed that many things occur in some specific order. Hence, this could lead us toward foreseeing things. Even though we live apart from the ancient beliefs, signs that Samhain is close exist.

All those who don’t know much of Paganism here are some notes.  Firstly, ‘‘SOW -en’’ is the right pronunciation of Samhain, not ‘‘SAM- have.’’  It means summer end in an Old Irish.

In fact, it symbolizes a time when one should think about death and what lies beneath. Also, it serves the purpose of remembering our predecessors. It is a festival, happening every 31st of October.

Signs that show that Samhain is near are pretty serious.

1.The Day Is Getting Shorter

Nights have become longer than the days. This has been happening since Equinox. The temperature drops, each day as the sun gets lower and lower.

In the past, this phenomenon meant that the work was getting slower, in the ancient agricultural societies. This provoked the fear that one all work shall cease. Hence, this is the reason why the death was explored.

2.The Line Between the Worlds Gets Narrower

This is a period of the year when living world could merge with the underworld. The line connecting them gets narrower. Hence, there is a possibility that we can hear and perceive some strange things. The feeling that you should do something signifies that your intuition grows. If you experience wildly inexplicable dreams, means that Samhain is drawing near.

So look closely at your dreams and intuitions. You could simply write them down and try to analyze them. This may show you some signs of the Samhain. Also, you should know that always things exist in particular schemes, especially those that occur often.

3.The Predecessors Are Near

During this fest, we recollect of our predecessors. We recall of our loved one, who is deceased. Furthermore, recollection of the people who motivated and inspired us is vivid. The remembering brings us closer to them. Thus we feel their presence close to us.

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