The 3 Evils According To The Teachings Of Buddhism

Buddhism is a divine path toward spiritual enlightenment. It teaches us that all life forms are created equal and that what we create through our existence comes back to us a Karma. It believes that there 3 evils, greed, hate, and arrogance, which we should stay away from. These evils spread like poison to those around you so staying away from them helps you on your journey to enlightenment.

Buddhism, founded by Siddharta Goutama – Buddha, is a religion practiced by people throughout the world, especially Asian countries. It includes meditation as a way of getting insight into the true nature of yourself and reality. Buddhists constantly try to develop the qualities of kindness, compassion, and awareness as they embark on a journey to spiritual enlightenment.

The teachings of Buddhism are practical and straightforward. Buddhism believes that all things can change and nothing ever remains fixed. It teaches us how everything in this world of ours is related to each other. If you create a world of pain and suffering around you, it resonates and negatively affects other living beings. Finally, by the law of Karma, all the pain and suffering will gravitate toward you and you will be harmed eventually. This is one of the reasons why Buddhism teaches us to be responsible for our lives and to stay away from evil. There are 3 evils or poisons in the world according to Buddhism.

1. Greed


Greed comes in many forms such as longing, craving, yearning, wanting, desire, lust, and urge. It manifests in the world as the inability to let go. The main cause of greed is the way we see fun and enjoyment in things, which leads us to hold on to those things with all our might. In the end, it makes us fall into the vicious clutches of bondage. Allowing yourself to be pulled by the strong currents of cravings should be regarded as voluntarily moving toward a grim state of loss. Practicing self-discipline and being satisfied with what you have will act as your strength as you head toward enlightenment.

2. Hate


Hate is a ferocious and vicious emotion. It is usually accompanied by savage rage, which often causes mental or physical destruction. Hate is contagious. It spreads like poison to those around you. Before you know it, you will find yourself drowning in a turbulent sea of poisonous hate and the shores of forgiveness will be out of reach. Giving into hate is like letting an enemy win while you stand there waving a white flag without even making an effort to stand up for yourself. Annoyance is the main cause of hate, aversion, and anger. It should be nipped in the bud before it takes over you. Filling your heart with love, forgiveness, and acceptance is the only way to fight hate.

3. Ignorance


You may have heard that ignorance is bliss, but it is an evil according to Buddhism. It has characteristics such as delusion, unknowing, and blindness. It will lure you into a mental abyss with only darkness all around. It is mainly caused by directing your focus on the wrong aspects of a situation and making assumptions based on them, without analyzing the cause and effect of the situation. Finding the true essence of people and objects around you will act as light at the end of a tunnel and will guide you out of the darkness of unknowing.

Buddhism is open to everyone regardless of their age, sex, race, caste, or beliefs. The teachings help you become self-aware and compassionate so that you show kindness and respect all forms of life. Being good to others will help you find peace within yourself and it will definitely reflect on the outside. Recognizing the 3 evils of Buddhism and understanding the harm they can do to you and to those around you is a very powerful tool as you head toward an enlightened and divine life.


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