22 Signs That Indicate Your Soul is Getting Quantum Upgrades

Sure, we go through a lot of shifts and upgrades in our lives but not all of them are as simple as we think they are. The more spiritually inclined you are, the more often you might notice this kind of thing.

Quantum upgrades are basically strong energies the universe lets off for us, it does this so that we can be pushed towards where we need to be. If you are a sensitive individual then chances are you have felt exactly what I am talking about. While most of the time lightworkers and crystal children are the ones getting these quantum upgrades the ones at play currently are not isolated to just those people. If you are experiencing the things below you too are getting these quantum upgrades.

22 Signs Your Soul is Getting Quantum Upgrades Right Now:

1. You are becoming more aware in general.

You are seeing and feeling things you have not yet felt before. Everything is really falling into place. While this might be a bit overwhelming it is a positive feeling.

2. Your intuition is becoming stronger.

Your intuition is really beginning to speak to you. It is making itself known more and more as each day passes. Your gut is working in overdrive.

3. You feel connected to everything.

You feel at peace and as one with the universe. You are beginning to understand the connection at play here. We are all one and everything is connected.

4. You are becoming more energy sensitive.

You are beginning to feel the energies of the people around you constantly. Everything is resonating on a different level in front of you. It is as if you are picking up on things you could not before.

5. You are drawn more to things like reiki or yoga.

You are beginning to understand that getting your chi moving is important. You are drawn to anything that is going to promote that flow and this comes in many forms. You might find yourself trying things you never considered before.

6. Your breathing patterns change.

You are breathing in a different way than you normally would. While this is not a bad thing it is a bit odd to you. This is because your chi is so powerful right now it is literally bursting out of you.

7. You are struggling with your mental health.

You might go through bursts of depression or anxiety out of nowhere. This is your bodies way of dealing with everything going on. Our bodies are not always capable of really processing the things at hand.

8. You really want to continue on with your path in life.

You are being pushed more and more to move forward down your path. You are not stuck and you know you need to really shove your way through to get where you need to be. You are ready to get back out there and dive right into things.

9. You can feel your chakra activations.

You can literally feel each of your chakras becoming awake. They are burning and really pulsating. You are not able to contain the energies at hand.

10. You can now tell when someone is lying.

You are beginning to really sense when someone has ill intentions. Things that you normally would not have been able to pick up on are making themselves known. This is the universe putting its all into you.

11. You are really aware of the flow of love.

The flow of life and love is something you are becoming more and more aware of. You are able to see it for what it is and accept it. It is now resonating with you instead of in spite of you.

12. People are drawn to you.

People are flocking to you as if you are someone new. They are no longer looking at you in the same way. This can be quite overwhelming, to say the least.

13. Your sleeping patterns change.

You are either sleeping too much or unable to sleep at all. You don’t know how to really find that common ground just yet. Nothing is as it should be and it has you flustered.

14. Sometimes you feel as if you are flying.

You feel as if you are literally on top of the world sometimes. These energies come with extreme highs and terrible lows. Nothing is cut and dry.

15. You experience Deja Vu.

You feel as if you have experienced something right before it actually happens. You see and hear things that are not going on and so forth. This can be confusing but is the universe’s way of giving you a heads up.

16. You feel the need to retreat.

Because people are flocking to you, you feel the need to step back. You want to retreat and spend some time alone. Don’t hesitate, this will do you a lot of good.

17. You suddenly are becoming more aware of how beautiful nature is.

You are really stepping out and into nature more. You are beginning to see the world as it is instead of as we are pushed to see it. The energies surrounding all that is in this world are making themselves known to you.

18. Your vibration is higher than those around you.

You are resonating on a higher vibration than the people in your life. This can be a bit much for them. While you will not notice this as quickly people close to you will pick up on it right off the bat.

19. You are more inclined to be unplugged from mainstream media.

You are not wanting to hear the lies or see the damage that the mainstream media puts out. You are much more plugged into the things that matter. There is more to the world than meets the eye and you want others to understand that.

20. You see more and more synchronicities popping up in your life.

You see repeating numbers quite often and meaningful coincidences follow you no matter where you go. Everything seems as if it is happening for a reason because it is.

21. You have unusual interactions with animals.

Animals are drawn to you and you are seeing things that are providing you with messages. While you might not know now what messages are being sent you will in time. Everything will make sense sooner or later.

22. Your current routine is now feeling a bit overwhelming.

You are looking to step outside of the box. Your current routine is no longer serving you. You really want to make a proper change and get where you need to be in this world.


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