10 Traits That Make a Quality Lover

What makes a good lover?

This is probably one of the biggest challenges the people who are entering the world of dating get to face. Are you good enough? Is there something you’d need to change about yourself? The answer is out there, and it’s pretty simple. You’re just fine.

We are brought up in societies where we’re taught to have a somewhat negative opinion of ourselves. Corporations make the most money out of your self-hate. And this is not something said with bias – this is a fact of modern living.

The first and most important thing that you need to make sure of before actively involving yourself in the world of dating is to realize that you are a person of many qualities, just like any other soul that you’d see on the street. We are all unique individuals with certain qualities that define us. Always have that in mind.

Without further adieu, here are some things that are going to make you the lover that you’ve always fantasized about being.

You Are Willing to Learn and Improve

You are an individual of many qualities, as stated above. One of these qualities is your ability to work on yourself and self-improve. Not because your partner wants you too, but because you feel the need to be the best person you can be.

Once your partner sees that you’re a person of certain depth and that you constantly work on yourself, they’re going to realize that they’re dating the right person for them

Happy partners make happy couples.

You’re Filled with Passion and Love Being Playful

You enjoy spicing things up now and then, and you’re not afraid of being playful. You’re in an environment comfortable enough that allows you to release yourself from any fear. This makes you a more confident person who is aware that they are human and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You Have the Ability to Make Your Partner Feel Good About Themselves

You recognize the qualities that your partner possesses, and you bring that up and make it a topic of discussion every single day. ”I love you is not enough”. Make sure your partner gets to HEAR how much you mean to them, and how much you think they are worth.

You Are Both Confident and Vulnerable at the Same Time

You’re just a human being, and a human being is not a constant. We have more than one mood and more than one emotion. Actually, your self-confidence is what gives you the ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable without being ashamed of it or recognizing it as a weakness of some sort. Vulnerability is the inner strength that we stray away from.

You’re Always up for Trying New Things and a Good Adventure

You keep things fresh by finding new interesting activities that you and your partner could do. You enjoy spending time together and love doing new things a lot more as well. Interesting experiences do nothing but strengthen a relationship even more.

You Are Communicative and Vocal About What Your Feelings

When you’re feeling down, you don’t put it away. You make some coffee or tea, and you sit your partner down to talk about it. Sharing how you feel about and letting your partner know about it strengthens your relationships and validates your emotions. Feeling like your emotions are not validated results with a sense of incompleteness.

You’re Never in a Hurry and Always Make Time for Your Loved One

No matter how busy you are, always make time for your loved one. This is of huge importance. After a little while of not making time for them, they’re going to get the impression that you’re actively avoiding them, which is half-true. You can absolutely always make the time for what matters.

Love Satisfying Your Partner

You love making your partner feel satisfied – in every sense of the word. We don’t need to go into detail here… 😉

You’re Always Supportive of Your Partner’s Dreams and Goals

Your partner’s success is just as important to you as the success of your own. You’re constantly pushing and inspiring your loved one to become the best version of themselves. You tell them to send that CV, to write that article or go and do that photo-shoot. Whatever it is, you make sure that they are doing the most they can in order to succeed.

You Are Always Present in the Moment, and You Cherish the Time Spent Together

Every single moment spent with your loved one is one that you cherish. It’s a memory that fills you up with joy the second you think about it. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Good luck on your journey on finding the one meant for you.

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